Unraveled tells the story of an Icelandic woman, Frida, who after a 12-year absence returns home with her husband, Damien, a suave and sophisticated British diplomat who has just been made Ambassador to Iceland. It is summer 2008, and the global economy is on shaky ground. As the Icelandic economy begins to spiral out of control, Frida and Damien’s marriage starts to unravel. Seeking refuge, Frida travels to a small fishing village on Iceland’s West Fjords, where a chance encounter with a stranger turns out to have greater implications than she could ever have foreseen. With Iceland and Britain locked in a bitter diplomatic dispute, Frida is forced to examine her marriage, her loyalties, her past, and ultimately to answer the question: What exactly constitutes betrayal?

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Editorial reviews:

Unraveled is an absorbing read … the reader is privy to the double meltdown: on the one hand, Frida’s psychological and matrimonial fractures and, on the other hand, the shocking realization in Iceland of the social, economic, and political inequalities endemic to the country … an inspiring debut well worth reading. – Janet Mary Livesey, World Literature Today. [full review here.]

**** A writer begins an extraordinary journey with their very first novel … The storyline is captivating and makes it hard to put the book down. The 214 page novel is easily read in one succession, and the author keeps the reader interested from the very first page through to the last … Unraveled is a lovely summer read that also helps to shed some light on Icelandic society in the wake of the economic crisis. icelandreview.com [full review here]

‘Unraveled,’ the debut novel of seasoned journalist, translator, author, and blogger Alda Sigmundsdóttir, opens on the brink of calamity … [The] backstory is not strictly necessary from a narrative standpoint, but it is so richly realised that it creates a genuine intimacy with the character. … Alda takes the same approach with the historical elements of her novel: a pivotal scene takes place just after the two airplanes were flown into New York City’s World Trade Center. … Playing narrative tragedy off of so recent, so fraught, and so controversial an historical moment is an ambitious project to be sure, but Alda handles it with balance and clarity. – The Reykjavík Grapevine. [full review here.]

Reader reviews on Amazon:

***** Couldn’t put it down … Well written fictional piece that ties in Icelandic culture, the financial meltdown, and dynamic personal relationships in a way that I found to be very interesting. [more]

***** You would not think a book about the financial problems would hold much interest to someone not involved in the problem, but the characters held my interest and now I long for more. [more]

***** Without giving away the plot, this absorbing and thought-provoking novel combines the personal lives of its two central characters, Damien and Frida, with shrewd political insight of the events that led up to the banking collapse of 2008. … With intelligence and wit, the author unravels these inner and outer worlds, demonstrating the inter-play between public and private events. [more]

**** I have the highest opinion of this author. She is intelligent, serious-minded and generous of her time with her many followers. … Unraveled is a good read. [more]

**** A wonderful first novel about an couple, he is the British Ambassador to Iceland, she an Icelander returning to Iceland after 12 years away, and the unraveling of their marriage all set against the backdrop of the Icelandic economic meltdown in 2008. […] A few surprises along the way keeps the story engaging up to the final unraveling that uncovers a moment of hope and love that I found most satisfying. [more]


Unraveled is available:

as a Kindle eBook here

as an ePub eBook here

as a printed book here (or on your nearest Amazon site)